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The Guiding Force behind the Fundamental Principle

The Fundamental Principle simply states: “Likes Align and Congeal”. To be a little more exact, it states, “That which is similar in nature will exhibit a tendency to gather and come into alignment.” That’s more detailed then you really need, but later on you may want to refer back to it. For now, the shorthand is plenty doorway enough to walk through, “Likes Align and Congeal”.

A great doorway stands before you...

If we apply this simple idea to real life, we see that the Universe Insists that the rich get richer the same way it insists that water flows to the ocean. We nearly always tend to get more of what we already have, you can see this anywhere you choose to look. Whatever you are and whatever you have will become the guiding force for what you attract.

The key then is simple, “Already having what you want more of”. Just like the rich getting richer as money gathers around money, all you need to do to get richer, is already be rich! However, there are some neat properties about the Fundamental Principle that will allow you to attract whatever you want, whenever you, without already having it – all you’ll need to do is understand the process.

The Process of Aligning and Congealing:

People Tend to Gather with Like minded people

The Fundamental Principle is an active process constantly aligning and congealing those persons and things which are alike. But there are so many aspects and elements to a person, which ones determine the flow? Think about a party for a moment… At a party, little kids tend to gather together, the smokers tend to gather together, business people tend to gather together, but tall people don’t seem to gather on the basis of just being tall. Why would age and habit be more relevant than height?

The Laws of Attraction aren’t Laws at all; they are the tendencies of a process. Think again of a party filled with strangers. At the beginning of the party people mix freely, mingling and meeting one another. As the party goes on, people tend to gather into small groups with others whom they have found “a common ground” with. As the evening progresses, these groups get smaller and smaller, often near the end of any party we see many small groups of just 2 or 3 people with very strong shared interests.

The Fundamental Principle functions as a process of refining. We don’t just immediately gather with the people of the same height, or similar interests. Instead, we actively choose which elements are most important to us at any given time… Then we gradually refine and distill those elements through the process of “Aligning”. We choose which aspects we align with, the Fundamental Principle insists that this occurs, but we choose which elements it occurs with. This is how you get to take control of the process, you get to select which things you want to align with, the Fundamental Principle takes care of the rest…

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