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Hey, it happens

We’re back!

What happened? Where’d we go? Is it true The Positive Thinking Playground got hacked? Slow down there a sec, the important part is, “We’re Back!”

And yes, we got hacked…

But we’re back now and we’re better than ever!

So here’s what happened, hackers use things called “hackbots” that roam the web looking for vulnerabilities in websites… They found our Achilles heal, broke in and shut us down…

They crippled the website, corrupted our database, and made life all around difficult for us here at Monalle.

So, what would you do?

Well, we appreciate a good prank as much as the next guy, and we decided to re-group, re-vamp, and release the all new Positive Thinking Playground 2.0 with all sorts of new features, interactivity, and more content than ever before!

So we’re back now, the doors are finally open again, and we think you’re going to our all new look and feel! We’ve added tons of new features like: Facebook based commenting, suggested posts related to what your viewing, a new facebook fan page, popular posts on the main pages plus our pages now load almost twice as fast as ever before!

On top of that, we bought a brand new shiny padlock for the door, and this time we won’t forget to lock it up at night!

So welcome back, enjoy yourself, and if you’d help us to get the word out that we’re open again, we’d love it if you’d become a fan and suggest us to your friends!