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Albert Fong is a bit of kindred spirit to us over here at Monalle. His background in martial arts led him to the world of personal devlopment, where he now maintains and publishes the popular web presence,

I think a lot of us can relate to the notion of the Urban Monk, the idea of trying to live a sincere life amongst the chaos and hecticness of the modern world. Here at Monalle, I wanted to create a place where that hecticness and chaos could blend in a sort of rapid fire high paced self help / fun format. Albert has taken a very different approach with, and I think the two entities really compliment each other.

While Monalle is ripe with multi-media (personal development games, images, videos) and fast paced articles meant to be read in 2 minutes or less, Urbanmonk is serene, peaceful, and filled with longer, more in depth articles meant to be read in about 10-20 minutes.

In many ways, our two sites form the yin and the yang we are both so fond of. So if you are looking to slow down a bit, to enjoy longer personal develop articles in a somewhat calmer environment, I heartily recommend you head over to and make sure to tell them Monalle sent you!

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