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The Living Somatics Insititute

Somatics is the art of releasing both emotional and physical tension while aligning the body. Similar in many ways to yoga, the art of Somatics goes further into the healing, recuperative, and restorative powers of the body developing physical, emotional, and psychological simultaneously.

Several years ago I had the chance to meet and work with the founders of the the Living Somatics Institute, Brian Siddhartha Ingle and Gayatri Schriefer. Over the years they have become very dear friends of mine radically changing my perspective and views about yoga and healing.

They travel the world, teaching workshops, classes, seminars, and producing their outstanding Somatics DVD’s. At their website, you can find out all sorts of information about this innovative approach to healing as well as their international workshop travel schedule.

To be frank, I have studied from a vast collection of some of the best teachers and healers in the world today, and can say without reservation, Siddhartha and Gayatri are well among some of the most talented and gifted teachers I have ever encountered. In fact, so much do I admire them I have asked them to record a series of Desk Somatics for all of our users here at Monalle, keep an eye out for it coming later this year! For now, head on over to their site at The Living Somatics Institute.Editor’s Note: They are just now changing to a new domain name… 6/20/2010… I’ll update the link when they get their site back up…

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