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If the Science Channel, Discover Channel, and Comedy central all got together and had a magical love child, that child would look a lot like Cockeyed is actually the brainchild / hobby of eccentric inventor, Rob Cockerham. I met Rob at a party some years back, some obscure, Cinco day October festival or some other such nonsense he was hosting and was immediately impressed by how odd he was.

Later, when I visited his website, my suspicions of him being utterly absurd were proved solidly based. has since proved a perennial favorite of mine. It’s all just good light hearted fun and humor, done to a level which only Rob Cockerham himself would dare take it too.

Things, like “How much space, exactly would a million dollars take up?” Only one way to find out according to Rob, he’d have to fabricate 10,000 simulated 100 dollar bills. Or how about the time he wanted to know if the buttered side of bread actually did land face down with any statistical validity? Or the time he covered a satellite dish in mirrors in an attempt to make a solar powered steam turbine to power his house and ended just using it to cook jiffy pop popcorn instead? Or then there’s the time he wanted to know how long a string of cheerios a single box would produce… What makes him think of this stuff?
Anyways, there are tons of great costumes, pranks, science projects, experiments and sorts of other good fun to be found at:

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