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Very Funny Cats Part #9

Okay dookey, the powers that be requested more cute stuff with cats here at Monalle… I’m not exactly sure what cute cats have to do with Personal Development but from what I’m told, people come to Monalle to get a pick me up, a little boost in their step, and the core motto here is “Uplifting, Empowering, and Inspiring” so from what I understand all these cute little kitties make their way in under the header of ‘Uplifting’…

But I digress, perhaps even ramble a bit as I have now seen 4.6 billion cute videos of cats, kittens, puppies and other odd little mammals you just want to hug and squeeze and love all over… So i thought i’d finish the week off with this mash-up mega mix of cuteness… That ought to tide you all over for a few days!

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