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Pretending isn’t Enough

Delusions aren't Dreams

All this is well and good, with lots of nice fluffy pictures. But, you already knew most of it didn’t you? I mean honesty, you had already noticed the smaller chips settled to the bottom of the bag and that people bond with people that they like. It’s nothing new.

What isn’t so obvious is how to put the tool to work for you. You will be using this Fundamental Principle to build the foundation of your life as a living dream come. So, I’m not going to sit back in my comfy chair and tell you, “All you need to do is feel thin and you will loose weight”. It just doesn’t work like that. You will reap what you sow, and if you sow only ideas, you will reap only ideas. If you want to make your dreams come true, it’s going to take action alongside of the ideas. Yes, it will take positive thinking and believing in yourself , but it will also take real world practical actions to get the job done (remember Tool #1: A Unified Perspective – we use both schools of thought here, in this case: Action and Ideas).

Believing the Right things:

Using the Fundamental Principle will work against you if you are believing the wrong things. If you believe you are rich, and you are actually poor, or if you believe you are fit and you are actually unhealthy, you may convince yourself you are rich and fit, and you may even feel good about it, but you will still be an Unhealthy-Poor person who simply feels good about it, and if that’s your dream, so be it. But, you won’t actually be a Wealthy Fit person (remember: wealth doesn’t always mean money!).

Dreaming is a Lifelong Growing Process

Mind you, The Pillars of Success lessons aren’t about convincing you that you already have what you don’t actually have, it’s about actually getting what you want, actually accomplishing your dreams. The people who teach pretending that you already have what you want when you don’t actually have it, are no different than the ones selling phony vitamins…

If you want the Fundamental Principle to work for you instead of against you, all you need to do is this: Become honest with yourself about where you are in the process. Stop pretending. The laws of the Universe don’t care what you pretend, they only see the truth of who you are and what you do. If you want the Fundamental Principle to work for you, all you need to do is embrace the truth of your life completely. The closer to that truth you get, the more powerful The Fundamental Force will work with you.

If in your truth, you are becoming rich, or you are building fitness, or you are growing a relationship, and you back it up with the actions of building wealth, building fitness, and building love – then Fundamental Principle will insist that your riches, fitness, and relationships grow!!!! Once you accept the truth of where you are in the building and growing process, and abandon the notion of having already arrived, then the journey itself will become the living dream come true. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Fundamental Force of the Universe was supporting your dream come true?

So if just believing isn’t enough to make the Fundamental Principle work for you, what is?

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