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Use Boxmen

One of the greatest and most powerful tools you will ever get during your pursuit of success and accomplishment is the ability to work well with others… Nothing can advance, magnify, or amplify your efforts as quickly, as effectively, or as much as the ability to coordinate your efforts with the efforts of others.

Use Boxmen by Greg Sergeant and sponsored by is one of the best illustrations of this concept I’ve ever seen. In this game, you simply can’t do it on your own! Well, sort of. You’re going to become your own best ally in this game as you play multiple characters simultaneously through the world of cyber whatchmacallit.

Every level gets a little more intriguing, a little more difficult, and the challenges are going to require you to think outside the normal constraints of “I can do it myself!”

As you play this game, look at your life and try to see how often you spend your energy trying to do it all by yourself when the truth is, in the end you could have made it easier, quicker, and even better if you just had enough humility to ask some of the folks around you for a little bit of help.

In a lot of ways life is just like this game, there are obstacles and challenges that simply can’t be overcome all by yourself. But in a lot of ways life isn’t like this game, because in real life, you have to c-ordinate your efforts and energies with the real people around you, not just clones of yourself… That my friends, is both the great challenge of life, as well as one of its greatest rewards!

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