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Science versus Popular Science

Popular Press

This is all about turning dreams into your reality, and for this tool “A Unified Perspective” to really work well, we need to get over the hurdle and background noise of popular science and stick with the stuff that actually works. Quantum Science has a ton of odd things that go part and parcel with its solid science. This has lead to a lot of very bad understandings of what it is and how it works. We’re not going to go very deep into it here, but if you want more info check out: What the Bleep?

Basically for something to be good science, it has to be reviewed, verified, tested, re-verified, re-reviewed and on and on until enough scientists all agree. (The tools we will be using have over 5000 years of published history.) Popular Science is a very different thing, there are no controls. The “Popular Press” doesn’t need proof, they just need to say who wrote the article. The Popular Press sells news and hype, so articles enter the mainstream long before the scientific community approves them. Even some of the biggest names in media like Time Magazine, CNN, Newsweek, USA Today do this preemptive publishing all the time. Cold Fusion is a great example, all of the aforementioned published articles stating that Cold Fusion had been discovered and the world’s energy problems had been solved. A year later when the Scientific Journals proved Cold Fusion was a hoax, the story just disappeared.

Quantum Science is Real Science (plus hype)

Quantum Physics has been around for a long time, but has only recently been accepted by the Scientific Community as the leading Theory for understanding our reality. The popular press, in classic style, has been using the word ‘Quantum’ to describe just about everything under the sun. Most of the time it’s just non-sense. That’s the nature of popular science, hype and pizzazz sells magazines and books, and the real facts get buried in the hard to read technical journals.

Quantum Calibration Chamber?

Here at Monalle, and over at Pillars of Success, we’re not interested in any of that nonsense. Somebody makes a box out of some mirrors and calls it a ‘Quantum Calibration Chamber’ that’s all well and good, but it isn’t science and you won’t find me peddling or promoting any of that pseudo-scientific snake oil… (note: the Casimir force is an accepted scientific fact – using it for quantum calibration is not).

It’s a fine line, I know that, and we are dealing with a new paradigm in science so it’s easy to see how people go overboard. But if these tools are going to be capable of truly helping you to create the life you always dreamt of, they need to be based in reality, not pop mumbo-jumbo , and basically, fundamentally the new Paradigm of Science says this, just this: “The observer influences the observed on an elemental level.”

Just one simple sentence that the whole world’s scientific community agrees on, but what wallop of a sentence! Reality itself is influenced by our presence within it. What we choose to observe and how we choose to observe it is actually affects it at the most fundamental levels. Our consciousness, our very spirit, affects the very fabric of reality… That’s real science saying that, no hype, no fluff. However, the truth is, you already knew all that…

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