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Spirit Transforms into Success

Spiritual Growth

Superior teams get defeated by lesser teams on the basis of Spirit every day. We’ve all seen a person or team so motivated and enthusiastic they outperform an opponent of greater skill. There is no limit to what a person can accomplish when their Spirit is full of enthusiasm, confidence, and vitality. We’ve all seen it over and over, Spirit turns into Success.

Building Spirit means: Increasing your vitality, staying enthusiastic, and strengthening your self confidence. No matter what you choose to create, enthusiasm, confidence, and vitality will be your greatest assets on the journey. As we move forward, you be gaining techniques to cultivate and then transform these things into anything you desire. For now just get familiar with the idea that the bigger the dream, the more Spirit it is going to take to achieve it.

The Steps to Success are Clear

Uniting Science and Spirit

Science is all about measuring things, but can we measure spirit?

We all convert Spirit into the reality around us, even the scientists are beginning to understand what the cheerleaders have known all along. For our purposes, the details aren’t the important part, the concept is: “The bigger the dream, the more Spirit it takes to create it.” Big dreams take a lot of spirit, little dreams don’t take much at all. It such a basic idea, you knew it was true your whole life.

Daydreams are Real

“The bigger the dream, the more Spirit it takes to achieve it.” It is a simple fact of nature. Everything you’ve every hoped or wished for is within reach, you will simply need to have enough Spirit to reach it. Don’t worry, we’ll be learning how to use it and get more of it soon. For now, we just want to begin seeing the world through A Unified Perspective. You’ll know you have it, when you are freed from doubt and believe in your ability to make your dreams come to life. When you have a Unified Perspective you can abandon any doubts because know that the entire world of science is right there supporting you and your faith in yourself.

Let’s wrap up our focus on the first tool: In the previous pages, we developed a clear picture of the terms “Science” “Spirit” and “Mysticism”, so now let’s pull it all together, and begin put that Unified Perspectiveto work!

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