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Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever!

Alrighty here, I’m starting a new thing at Monalle, “Themed Days” – with my workload and schedule, it makes good sense for me to reduce down to ‘One New Post Per Day’ and the idea I had was – Themed Days…

Add to that a little alliteration and you’ve got: Magical Monday!

So for our first installment of Magical Monday, I thought I plug in something a little different to get you pumped up for the week, and although in some ways it seems like a ‘Red Bull Wannabe’ viral – it isn’t, they just happen to be willing to foot the bill to get people to jump off stuff a whole awful lot…

Ten people, reminding you, “Sometimes, you’ve got to jump off stuff…” < : : Insert your own deeply profound sentiment here : : >

…and yes, that dude did just jump a motorcycle over an entire football field lengthwise

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