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Introducing “BrainStorm” The World’s Smartest Mouse

We so often talk about goal setting here at Monalle, I thought this video would help you to remember that you really can do anything… Even if you are just a wee little mouse… or a mouse trainer for example (I’m not sure which one is more difficult – training mice, or being a trained mouse?)

This video is from our friends over at “Mouse Agility” and features BrainStorm, one of their star mices. The trainer, who chooses to be identified as ‘Dompteuse’ is a 28 year old female from Austria who is adamant about the ethical treatment and training of animals.

She had this to say, “When I was a child I discovered a small mouse population in our barn, and since then I sat there every single evening – dead still for hours – just to study the mice from up close. After a time, one mouse after another overcame its shyness with me, and soon there were these wild animals sitting on my shoulder, crawling under my sleeves and trouser legs, nibbling my hair and shoelaces.”

“I do not keep my mice in normal cages. In my opinion, that won’t in the least satisfy the needs of these extremely curious animals…instead I use a pyramid of different-sized tables, the several floors interestingly arranged and connected by ropes or ladders – this keeps them fit in all respects.”

“For training I use the Operant conditioning positive reinforcement of food and a clicker. An absolute necessity for any pet training is to understand the animal’s needs and to know about its generic behaviour, since appropriate animal training is only based on certain natural habits. For mouse agility, this means e.g. their great spatial orientation abilities and spatial memory which is worth bringing to light by relevant trick training. In nature, mice always prefer the familiar (= safe) route to their feeding site, no matter if it’s a long way round. This is also the reason why mice are unbeatable in maze tests – and a mouse agility course is nothing else than a maze without walls!”

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