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The First Day of Daily Updating

Looking Ahead

Exhausted… Excited… Delighted…

I’ve had to switch over to being at my desk by 7am as we progress into our first week of daily updates for Monalle. I’m aiming at 8 new posts per day, and it’s turning out to bit, shall we say, challenging? Monalle likes to pretend to be a huge magazine with tons of people working behind the scenes to pull it all together. The truth of the matter is that aside from a few handouts from friends for support, there’s just one person working here. All the code, all the graphic design, all the articles… One person.

Here’s what happened, I started writing the Pillars of Success Program about 5 years ago. It started getting really long, so at a certain point I decided it would need a whole introductory book, and I wrote the Quick Start 7. I needed some feedback, so I put the whole thing online and asked to check it out. But my friends started inviting their friends, and they invited their friends, and before you knew it 10,000 people per month were waiting for fresh content!

The website (not Monalle) was really basic, I felt like an artist displaying their paintings without a frame. Now, I was pretty savvy with a computer, but what I wanted was way out of my league to create.

I envisioned a website where people could come and be safe. No bad news, no vulgarity, profanity, or lewdness of any kind. I imagined games and videos which would complement the Pillars of Success writings. I wanted to make a place where I could go to take a break while working and come back from it refreshed, motivated, inspired. So I got some bids on the project…

To do what I wanted to do at the scale I wanted to do it was going to run about $100k. Now I had been pretty successful in my Executive days, but I didn’t have anywhere close to $100k laying around. I said, “Well, I don’t have that much, what can I get for $500 dollars?”

I was told I could buy enough books to get me headed in the right direction.

So what was I to do? I did what anyone in my position would do, I got people to pay for me to learn. First, I offered to do basic websites free to the local non-profits. When I had enough for a resume, then I took jobs doing small but slightly more advance websites for real clients. Each project covered the books I needed to read, and each time I got some new skills.

Today represents sort of a benchmark in the whole thing, the first day of true daily updates. So, for all of you who read the original stuff and said, “We loved it, when will there be more?” Well, here it is… Fresh stuff everyday!

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through this process, you have all helped to make this part of my dream come true!



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