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The Power of Positive Thinking

“As long as enthusiasm holds out, so will new opportunities.”
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

In 1952 Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote a short book that forever changed the way we think about personal development. It was called simply, “The Power of Positive Thinking” and in the years since then over 7 million people in 15 different languages have enjoyed it’s simple message.

The Power of Positive Thinking helps us see the opportunities all around us, and gives us the courage to take action when the moments of truth arise.

It’s a simple truth, but like all things with tremendous popularity controversy was sure to follow… Detractors came out of the woodwork, many of them never taking the time to understand the message of the book: “The Power of Positive Thinking isn’t something magical or mystical, it doesn’t mean to kid yourself or pretend that things are great when you know they aren’t. It just means to stay focused on the positive and keep creating the life of your own dreams.”

Let me give you an example of this truth, Dr. Richard Wiseman of the United Kingdom spent ten years researching the effects of Positive Thinking in the lives of over 400 test subjects. He didn’t look for techniques or tactics, he just looked at what happened to people with a Positive Mental Attitude to see what the effects Being Positive had on their lives. What he discovered was simpler than anyone expected, Positive Thinkers see and seize opportunities at almost 30 times the rate of negative thinkers! His study lasted for over 12 years and the overall effects on these peoples lives was tremendous!

Success, Accomplishment, and Achievements all stem from action, Positive Thinking is not enough, it’s the actions we take where the seeds of success are planted and nurtured… Day in and day out, one day after another, the results of our actions stack one on top of another and the Positive Thinkers wound up creating totally different lives than the negative thinkers. One small thought at a time, the results were astounding!.

The Positive Thinker

Now, it’s easy to get lost in techniques, complicated methods, and elaborate systems but the truth is, it all comes down to this,

Surf the Waves or Fight Against them

“The person with the Positive Mental Attitude transforms stress into grace and picks the path to a successful outcome while others get lost in the forest of obstacles and pitfalls.”

This is the real Power of Positive Thinking, the power to make the most out of every situation and to take action while others stand still explaining why it can’t be done…

This is what Monalle is here for, for you, the Positive Thinker who desires a safe haven to recharge, to refuel and reset your determination day after day. Monalle was created to bring you fresh Positivity in videos, inspiring people, empowering articles, uplifting stories, and brain building games always dedicated to making sure you have the tools to help you keep thinking positively day after day!

“If there is no fun in it, something is wrong…”
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

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