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The Expensive Secret

Recently there has been huge international attention given to the Laws of Attraction, and a very popular movie entitled “The Secret”came out promising to reveal the Secret Teachings of All Ages to the world. The movie is very good, and I do strongly suggest you see it.

The movie speaks of The Secret Laws of Attraction being held away from the populace by the intellectual elite and the churches. The movie promises to give to the whole world this great secret of the emerald tablet. Like Robin Hood (or in Asia – The Iron Monkey) they promise to take this secret out of the hands of the elite and give it to the masses…

The makers of this commercial have done the world a tremendous service by packing so much valuable knowledge into such a well made 90 minute infomercial. The movie has become the new reference standard for the long form commercial. However, their commitment to taking these secrets out of the hands of the elite and bringing them to poor people of the world who need it most, for low price of just $2k (Two Thousand Dollars US) leaves a bit to be desired. Note: Bob Proctor also offers another course available for just $297US.

The Not so Secret Secret laws of Attraction

Please, let me set the record straight, The Laws of Attraction are not now, nor have they ever been a Secret. In fact, the I-ching is the single most widely produced and distributed book on the planet.

The Secret teachings of All Ages

The Secret Teachings of All Ages, was written nearly 100 years ago and is quoted heavily throughout the movie. Even the phrase, “Laws of Attraction” first began appearing in the popular press (New York Times) back in the 1800’s. “The Laws of Attraction” are also the cornerstone of the most widely selling Self Help book ever written, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, with over 72 million copies in print in over 30 languages and sells for under $20.

The secret is not now, nor has it ever been a secret. No one has been trying to keep it a Secret from you. The churches haven’t kept it hidden from you, the world leaders haven’t been hiding it, Newton spent his whole life sharing it, the Catholics and Christians have been shouting it at the world for over 2,000 years, and almost 2 billion Chinese people have copies of the I-Ching …

Sadly, all this attention has caused a problem… The Bogus Laws of Attraction

Editors note: The images in this article are being used in full accordance to the US Copyright Code Title 17 Chapter 1 § 107 – “Fair use policy ‘for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting.’” In accordance with US Copyright Code Title 17 Chapter 13 § 1327 let it be clearly stated: “Bob Proctor, Dr. Micheal Beckwidth, and James Canfield are: ‘Three Teachers featured on The Secret’ and ‘Will Teach You the Science of Getting Rich’ they were not the film’s producers or owners. The SGR program price of $1995 was current according to the SGR website as of January 14th,2009.”

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