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Introducing the Original Dr. Quantum: Werner Karl Heisenberg

Heisenberg, Noble prize, and Quantum Probability Chart

Enter Heisenberg… In the late 1920’s a scientist named Werner Karl Heisenberg was working on a derivative of this problem when he helped define and set forth the “matrix formulation of quantum mechanics” for which he received the Noble Prize in 1932. Quantum Mechanics had entered the picture… I’m simplifying a bit here, but in essence Heisenberg had proved that without a doubt, “the act of observation will make changes on the phenomenon being observed”. (Note: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is the theoretical lower limit of how small the observer effect can be…)

What this meant may surprise you. Get ready for this, he proved, beyond any shadow of a doubt, to the entire world and scientific community, that we do exist, and this is all some sort of dream. At risk of redundancy, let me say that again, He (and his associates) proved beyond any doubt that we do exist and that this is all some sort of living dream… King Louis XV wanted to prove it wasn’t a dream! Now 400 years later, the scientific community has proved that it is? I think that’s going to take a bit more explaining…

For me, complex ideas are always easiest to understand in cartoon form. Go figure… This video is courtesy of our friends from at “What the Bleep do we know?”

Heisenberg had proved that the very fabric of reality exists as waves of probability which only become solid when we focus on them. We are creating our realities every moment of every day. You can choose to create anything you ever dreamt of, faith promises you that. You can build anything you ever dreamt of, science promises you that. All that’s well and good, but we want results now! What we need, is to find the place Science, Spirit and Mysticism combine to provide immediate and lasting results, that place is called, “The Physics of Dreams”.

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