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Improv Everywhere Presents: “The Mute Button”

What did you do this weekend?

Did you, by any chance get together with 23 of your friends, two dogs, a premier hip hop Dj, and Turn Prospect park into an episode of the twilight zone?

There are a lot of amazing things going on in this video, but one you might not notice is the music the break dancers are using, it’s been specially choreographed to play 30seconds, then mute itself for 90seconds, then play again…

Now, part of why this is so important is that although you’re only getting 4 minutes of the Improv troupes performance here, they kept this up for a full 45 minutes!

With hidden cameras and microphones in the crowd to catch crowd reactions, they kept this performance going for nearly an hour, then to end it, they simply drifted off in their separate directions…

Very impressive, it’s a pretty fresh video but already it’s gotten over 1 million views, 45 minutes effort, a million plus smiles…

Well Done IMPROV EVERYWHERE! for the complete story, visit: The Mute Button

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