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Can You Help Little Wheel Save his home?

The whole of the Robot world is counting on you ‘Little Wheel’ to solve dozens of small puzzles as you restore the main power grid and reawaken all of robotkind… Easy to play, but some of the puzzles are pretty tricky…

Adventure Strategy Games are some of my favorite ones here at Monalle for two reasons: First, they usually have good music in them and better graphics then the more mouse intensive games. Second, they always remind me of how life actually works… You see, Adventure Strategy games almost always have one thing in common, “They’re solvable”. Everything you need is right there for you to grab and make use of, you just need to figure out how it all fits together.

Life is like that to me it seems. It seems that everything we need in life is always right there, we jsut need to find all the pieces and figure out how they all fit together, and viola!

Sometimes things seem impossible, as if there is no way in or out of the puzzle we’re trying to solve, at times like those I remind myself of these types of games and just slow myself down, take a long deep breath, and look around for the pieces of the puzzle I might be missing…

So while you play this game, if anyone asks you what you’re doing, just tell, “Life training! Building my problem solving skills!”

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