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The History of Monalle

Monalle first premiered in 2000, and was very different then it is now. The basic idea was there, but it wasn’t originally dedicated to Personal Development content. Originally, Monalle was an adaptive search engine, similar to Google, except it would tailor it’s results based on your historical choices. In other words, two people could search the web using the same term and get different results based on what type of selections they made in the past!

Sounds cool hungh? A search engine that customizes results for every user?

The problem was, it took a lot of computing horsepower to make it work, a whole lot. Google and Yahoo treat searches as unique, but not people. The Monalle ISA Engine treated searches and people as unique, in terms of computing horsepower, this meant we needed about a Billion times more power then Google to run our ISA algorithms. If Monalle was my baby, then she was a seriously hungry little child! I simply couldn’t provide her with the amount of computing power she needed. Something had to give…

Enter the Jeremy Thorn Group

The Jeremy Thorn Corporation liked our ISA algorithm and put up the capital to develop it further, for use in the private sector. In other words, if we wanted the money to develop the engine that runs Monalle, then Monalle would have to shut down. How’s that for irony?

So in 2002 Monalle closed it’s doors, and the ISA Engine (the ISA engine is what predicts what people like and don’t like based on their historical choices) went to work in Public Education Financing (it’s a pretty versatile engine), and I became a successful young executive (managing over $2 million dollars per day).

In ‘About Monalle’, you can read the story behind the story… The short of it is, my rapid rise to success was due to my apprenticeship under the Master Shaman. He taught me the ancient secret keys to lasting success, on the condition that I share these keys with the world beginning in 2004.

Monalle comes back to Life!

So I woke her back up, only this time I would put in the thousands of pages of Personal Development content from the Pillars of Success Program instead of having her search the entire web.

From the very beginning Monalle asked the question, “What will the web be like in ten years?” and then tried to do it today, instead of asking the better question, “What can we do on the web today?” Once again, she was technologically ahead of herself.

Monalle had grown to demand my full time attention, and was again consuming more resources then I could provide. We were going to need partners, a headquarters, and simpler engine / platform if we were going to go worldwide.

Monalle comes back to Life! (again)

Fortune smiles on the diligent as well as the brave. Three partners joined the team and backed the project, Master Designer Darren Hoyt donated the engine and wireframes, and within a few months we had our new headquarters up and running.

On December 25th, 2008 Monalle premiered her shiny new smiling face with the whole world as we introduced the Monalle World Grand Tour Edition. Around here it feels like Christmas everyday as users from all over the world contribute and suggest content for us.

We want to thank you all for sharing this amazing journey with us! Here’s looking forward to many years of Uplifting, Inspiring, and Empowering people all over the word!

Stay tuned for the soon to be premiered, “Monalle Personal Success Forum” where you can join in the discussion with Monalle Users from all over the world!