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The Law of Attraction is not the
Fundamental Principle:

The Law of Attraction

The popular form of the law of attraction goes like this: “Like attracts like” so simple… But wrong. Anyone who ever finished the 2nd grade knows “Opposites Attract” not “Likes Attract”, like forces repel one another, it’s one of the most basic law of physics. Why would human beings be the one and only thing in the entire universe that the most basic laws of physics do not apply to? Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but we aren’t.

About 90% of the courses on the previous page say The Law of Attraction will bring you anything you want, I found this quote in one of them: “The Law Of Attraction Like ALL Universal Law Is Always At Work and Always Delivers Precisely What YOU Choose.” If 100 people all tell that you can have anything you ever wanted by simply choosing to have it that doesn’t make them right. Nomatter how many people tell two magnets that the Universal Law is “likes attract” those magnets will still know the truth, opposites attract. Likes align and congeal…

“Like attracts like” is a shorthand for the actual concept behind the Fundamental Principle. But the simplified shorthand has become so popular that the correct version has been pushed aside almost completely. So, it’s time we set things straight.

The Fundamental Principle: Likes Align and Congeal

Dreams become things

Newton spent years, perhaps decades working on his translation of the Emerald Tablet, and it’s just 14 lines long. 14 simple lines and the father of modern physics, calculus, and our working knowledge of gravity spent such a huge amount of time trying to understand it. Why so much time for something so short? Personally, I spent 5 years out in the woods studying and trying to grasp it, when I felt I understood it, even just a fraction of it, I put it to use. Within 6 months I was a multi-billion dollar executive managing over $2 million dollars per day…

It’s the simplicity of it that makes it so elusive, with only 14 lines, it’s easy to understand how one misplaced word can throw the whole thing off. Around the world millions of people are being told they can have anything they ever wanted once they realize “Like attracts like”, but they haven’t suddenly gotten everything they ever dreamt of… The promise as it turns out, was just cleverly packaged sawdust. With the true and correct understanding of the Fundamental Principle: Likes Align and Congeal you will be begin building that dream come true, instead of waiting for it to fall into your lap…

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