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The Fun Theory

Everyday life is supposed to be fun. Every once in a while someone takes the time and effort to make the way I see the world visible to everyone else. A world where staircases magically transform themselves into giant pianos and every footstep melodically joins the whole in a vibrant crescendo of playfulness and joy.

VW, in an ad campaign that borders on brilliant has launched a worldwide contest to see if the element of ‘Fun’ can be infused into everyday life in a manner which promotes wellness, health, and happiness…

So far entries have ranged from recycling bins shaped like slot machines, public trash cans that make funny noises when garbage has been pitched in, and of course, massive pianos made out of subway staircases all in an effort to make the mundane playful…

So far the results are astounding, ‘Fun things’ really are much more desirable to people! Who’d have guessed that? So the question now is simple, “How can you apply the idea of making the mundane aspects of life ‘fun’ to your life?” You probably aren’t going to convert the stairs to your house into massive pianos, but what little things can you do that might add up to a more playful and enjoyable existence?

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