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Pipe Dream from Animusic

This amazing video was made by “Animusic” and there are few things that make it pretty special. First, it sounds fantastic! But that’s just the icing on the cake, the instrument is real! Well, real in a virtual sense… Let me explain, Animusic was founded in 1990by Wayne Lytle with headquaters in New York, California, and Texas. Wayne had a vision of what he wanted to do, he wanted to use virtual modeling to create elaborate musical ‘environments’ where the objects themselves could be ‘played’ just like a real instrument…

Okay, you following this here, because it’s a really cool idea! Wayne wanted to create instruments in a virtual world that would be nearly impossible to create in the real world. ‘Nearly Impossible’ is the key here… In order for his creations to sound right, they had to be bound by the traditional laws of physics and harmonics… So, in this video when you see a ball hit a drum, that ball and that drum are bound to physics the same way game designers write the physics for cars in racing games…

This is where it starts to get good… The videos you see from animusic aren’t actually videos at all, they are the actually video impressions of these amazing instruments being played! That’s what makes them so amazing, it isn’t “Let’s make a great song and then make a video to go with it” Nope! These videos are “Let’s make an amazing instrument, play an amazing song on it, and then make a video of that song being played!” It’s really pretty phenomenal when you think about it!

Animusic has produced two full dvd’s of these instruments and have been featured on both CNN and PBS, you can find out more by visiting there website at:

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