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Premiering the New Layout

Side by Side with the Leaders

Alrighty, the new layout is functioning and I’m feeling all emotional about it. I like to put my work in a pack with the best and see how I feel about it when compared side by side. To the right I’ve placed Monalle’s new layout in the pack with the leaders. One thing I notice right away is that Monalle is dramatically more striking, more contrast, more vivid, it certainly stands out.

The real question is: “Does it stand out in a way that is positive, pleasing, and appealing?”

Contrast Contrast Contrast

Monalle has way more contrast then the others in the pack. The top graphic artists are all experts at the use of subtle color variations. But, I’m not.

I’m gonna let you in on my little secret, I’m woefully colorblind. Always have been.

For us colorblind people, we still see color, but similar colors blend together. So we need a lot of contrast for things to look right. An artist I respect very much once told me to “Do the art that looks good to your eyes. Show the rest of the world what you see and it will naturally be pleasing and unique.” mm

Being Vulnerable

When I was little the teachers would say “The ocean isn’t green! Do it right!” I hated that. I was trying so hard to do it right. The teacher would put my art next to the other kids, and I’d see that it was different. 30 oceans all the same, and then mine, somehow wrong. I’m the only kid I know who flunked finger painting.

Now, as an adult, I’ve had a great career as a writer, but I’m really leaving my comfort zone to take the writing on-line. Monalle is a Personal Development Website and I am always going on and on about being brave, facing your challenges, and stretching the limits of your comfort zone.

Youtube is the far and away leader in the market, and is using a .75 aspect ratio, while Break, is in 2nd place and uses a .67 (.01 off the tested optimum). Ebay, also a leader in the image based site design also uses a .75 ar.

It may seem silly, but I feel vulnerable. I’m putting it all out there, entering a competition against big leaguers, big staffs, big teams, and big budgets. I putting my work side by side against highly trained graphic artists who can all see colors, and I’m the kid who had to have the paper still on the crayons so I could read the names and pretend I knew what was going on. “Sky is blue, grass is green, people are flesh”

I look at that image above, and I see that Monalle stands out. I know for me, for the way my eyes see colors, it would be the one I would click on. It draws me in because it’s vivid, vibrant, and unique, but I don’t actually know what things look like to you… I know the top ten players in the league all look identical to one another, and my work, just like in kindergarten still stands out…

I could have copied the others, the internet let’s you do that because everyone has to show their code files and in code – colors are just numbers. But I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to do my best, I wanted challenge my own vulnerability and step out of my little comfort zone.

I hope you all like it…