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The Center of the Universe

The Lovely Morgan Aero

When I was little, my mom loved to remind me, “You are not the center of the Universe.” I think lots of parents like to remind their children of this fact. As it turns out, they’re wrong. I am the center of the Universe.

Well, at least my universe. We all are. In the new Quantum Paradigm each of us is literally at center of an entire Universe. Each of us is creating our experience at the very fundamental levels of matter, time, and energy. These Universes collect and combine into one massive shared living dream!

Forgive me, but really now, what point is there in all this science mumbo jumbo if we can’t turn it into a boat, a degree, a new house, a promotion, or that Morgan Aero I’ve had my eye on? I’m the center of my Universe, you’re the center of yours, la dee dah… So what? This Tool, A Unified Perspective is supposed to be forming the foundations for building your living dream, so far it’s been a lot of nice theory, but you already knew you were the center of the Universe didn’t you? We need to start getting practical and applying the theory to real life.

The Shared Living Dream

See, simply desiring that new Morgan isn’t enough to get it for me. If two people dream the same thing at the same time, only one of those dreams can come true (I dream I have the Morgan, and the person who already has it dreams that I don’t), one of those dreams is going to get canceled out). In a nutshell, that’s how Quantum Mechanics works. You don’t just get what you want because you dream you have it, you need to learn how to dream the path between you and your goal…

The Whole World is Uniting

If you are going to build your life into a living dream come true, you are going to have to do it in harmony with everyone else’s dreams, or it just won’t work. The Science proves it’s possible, the trick is just getting that other person to dream it’s my Morgan too… To do that, I will need to dream the path instead of the destination. I could dream the person will give it to me (not likely to work – low probability), or I could dream of earning the money for it and buying it (more likely to work – higher probability).

Here’s where it gets good, if you can dream the path instead of the outcome, and live the dream through your actions, then living the dream come true begins immediately. You won’t need to wait, you can begin Living the Dream as soon as you can see your personal path clearly. It’s nice to be the be the center of the Universe, isn’t it?

So let’s start getting clear about those dreams by getting away from all this science stuff and moving into the the other half of the it all: The Mystical World of Spirit.

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