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Getting Serious about Competitive Falling

The Serious Art of Competitive Falling

9 out of 10 Businesses fail, 99 out 100 relationships end… Did you know Microsoft Founder Bill Gates’ first business ‘Traf-O-Data’ failed utterly? Or that Google’s first effort ‘Back-rub’ failed completely? Or that America’s venerable President Lincoln failed in 8 State and National elections before he was elected even once? Did you know that Rome burnt down? We remember all of these as epic successes, hardly even noticing that were built atop epic failures

Earlier I mentioned that for the ice skaters, falling and failing isn’t as bad as it is for the rest of us. To fail in a jump or a trick isn’t as painful as spending 5 years in a Senate race and then failing. But, there is more to the story than that, for them, often times every jump or trick is everything. Their careers hang in the balance of getting that triple axel right. For many of them, they’ve been skating since they learned to walk, and their entire future hung in the balance of every trick. For them, falling included all the embarrassment, shame, disappointment + all the physical risk, danger and pain.

Earlier I implied that it was easier for them, because they had only to deal with the physical aspects of failure, but the truth is, they have all the physical, plus all the mental… For them, falling and failing on even a single jump somehow signified a total failure in everything. But they had to learn to fall if they were going to learn to succeed. There could be no two ways about it, just like Lincoln had to keep going after every defeat, so too did these skaters… So we turned falling into a competition, we made a game out of it. Who could fall the furthest, highest, fastest, most gracefully… With athletes, all they really need to know is what they are competing in and they will naturally compete… As seen in the image at bottom right, sometimes they tended to take the competition a little too far…

You realize that we aren’t just talking about skating here right? Overcoming the fear on the ice is the example, but the same basics apply to every aspect of life. We need to make falling safe and free from embarrassment and there’s really only one good way to do that: Learning to get back up quickly and gracefully!!!

A little Video about some Surprising Failures

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