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Cooking Beats with Beardy Man

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There's beatbox, and then there's beardy man... All alone on a whole 'nother level... and as Beardy Man explains, everything need is all right there in the basic…
Very Funny Cats part 9

Adorable » Videos

The definitive kitty cat cuteness mix and mash-up of adorable little kitties doing what they do best (besides sleep) which is of course making you giggle and say…
Stefan Sagmeister Design for Happiness

Inspiring » Videos

What makes one artist so well received worldwide while others struggle to even get noticed..."Happiness"... Pure and simple, Happiness is the root of design... …
Bruce Lee meets Techno Viking

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"DJ" Bruce Lee, light saber nunchucks, Kieth Jardine aka "the Techno Viking" all together in one video for the first time ever in this never before seen composite…
Elephant Teamwork

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A baby elephant slips into a mud bog and can't get out! Don't worry, 6 adult elephants join forces to come together and help make sure the…
Kittens Inspired by Kittens

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It's been called the greatest internet video in all of history... It has more views than the superbowl... It makes chocolate rain seem amatuerish by comparison... If…