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If Mos Def were President

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Being President of the United States is not an easy job, it takes determination, Ideals, Principles - and an unwavering dedication to something or other... Finally, there…
Monalle on Twitter


It's Finally Happened... Monalle has gone to the birds, well, the bird to be more exact... The little Twitter Bird! Yes, the day has finally arrived…
The After the Rapture Report

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What would have happened if 200 million Christians had suddenly vanished into the sky? …
Imagine People Smiling

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Imagine 10 million people smiling... Today, tomorrow, everyday... Monalle is 100% Pure Positivity in all its forms, smiles brought to you from all over the world, and…
Elephant Artist

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Elephant Art Classes? In Thailand the Elephant is a sacred creature, treated with reverence and adoration. So instead of "Trainers", they have "Instructors" who give classes...…
Jessica’s Daily Affirmations

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Little Jessica is seriously optimistic about life, her family, her house, school... Pretty much everything you could possibly imagine she's positive about it... I thought she'd be a…