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Impasse Puzzle Game

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Uncommonly simple, elegant, minimalistic, and AWESOME! As far as puzzle games go, this one is surely one of the greats... No story, no fancy distractions, just…

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In the Tradition of Great Games like Red Remover and Stackle, Blinkz brings an added dimension of real time movement added to the physics engine making it...…

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Did you ever wish you could turn back time and do something over? In Chronotron, going backwards in time to fix a mistake is mere child's play…
Huje Tower

Brain Building Games » Brain Games Puzzles » Games

Huje Towers is my current favorite game here, in my 'going to Vegas' mood, I'm willing to bet that Huje makes it to the number one spot by…
Light Bot Puzzle Game

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Excellent Puzzle Game where you get to practice the basics of effective time management, while learning the rudiments of computer programming with a robot that has a light…
The Little Wheel Game

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The whole of the Robot world is counting on you 'Little Wheel' to solve dozens of small puzzles as you restore the main power grid and reawaken all…