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Shamwow Jam

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Dj Steve Porter is back once again this week with his favorite ingenue "Vince From Shamwow" bringing us an altogether fresh look at the modern world of television…
Brett Domino

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I'm not sure if I should apologize for sharing this one, or begin charging admission, because I've finally found the place where things make so little sense, that…
Smoke on the Yangtze

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The cultural divide is narrowing... American Kung Fu flicks are getting better, and now, a full traditional Chinese version of Deep Purple's classic, "Smoke on the Water"...simply glorious…
Bruce Lee meets Techno Viking

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"DJ" Bruce Lee, light saber nunchucks, Kieth Jardine aka "the Techno Viking" all together in one video for the first time ever in this never before seen composite…
Rammstein Feuer Frei in legos

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There are some moments in our lives when things just seem so perfect, so elegant, so ideal, as if everything in the universe was created to lead up…
Bhangra Bill Cosby

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Good comedy is universal, The Cosby Show, was enjoyed around the world, and as Monalle is getting more and more popular in India, I'm starting to get some…