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Life Coaching the Feline Way

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When it comes to Living a Life well lived, cats really seem to have it all figured out don't they? ...and figured out with grace... So here's…
The Kitty and the Water Faucet

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I see about a bajillian kitty cat videos everyday... rarely does one jump out at ya like this one does... At first, it's just cute and lovely,…
Cat Napping

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When it comes to finding uplifting stuff that sticks with you all day, you've got to turn to kittens... Sometimes, a cute little kitten can say it…
Moving and Maru

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Moving can be a stressful thing, but Maru the cat isn't going to let it get him down... In fact, he's decided to find all manner of…
Kitty Boxing Fan

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You gotta like what you like in life... No one can tell you what you should or shouldn't like, your tastes are your own... Let this little kitty…
Cat and Dog Wii

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The battle of cats versus dogs has been raging since the first dual domestication back in Egyptian time, now the bar is raised to yet another level when…