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5 minutes of nothing that appears to be something

Music » Sharedown » Videos

Nothing too deep or secretly meaningful here, just Ted Chambers playing around with some new software and producing a deligthful little musical and visual adventure... Very pleasing to…
The Fun Theory

Inspiring » Videos

When everywhere you look you see games, puzzles and fun, life transforms into a magical adventure of mythic proportions... And subway staircases become giant pianos? …
Shamwow Jam

Music » Videos

Dj Steve Porter is back once again this week with his favorite ingenue "Vince From Shamwow" bringing us an altogether fresh look at the modern world of television…
Bruce Lee meets Techno Viking

Amazing » Music » Top 10 Videos » Videos

"DJ" Bruce Lee, light saber nunchucks, Kieth Jardine aka "the Techno Viking" all together in one video for the first time ever in this never before seen composite…
Free Beats and Microphone

Clever » Funny » Videos

Sometimes street performers just want to give a little back to the world. A few guys in New York decided to give the world a microphone and…
Auto Tune the News 9

Clever » Uplifting » Videos

At Monalle, we don't do news, but we do try and fill that void where the news leaves off with our friends from Auto-tune recapping the weeks…