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Find the Treasure

Brain Games Puzzles » Games

Odd, delightful, stimulating and challenging - Find the Treasure is an artistically done "Puzzle Adventure Game" where you make your way by solving 'odd' puzzles one after another...…

Brain Breaks » Games

It's a ball, you roll it, you jump it, you turn it... Sounds exciting eh? Sometime something simple when done well can be really amazing, easy…
Huje Tower

Brain Building Games » Brain Games Puzzles » Games

Huje Towers is my current favorite game here, in my 'going to Vegas' mood, I'm willing to bet that Huje makes it to the number one spot by…
Star Baron 2

Brain Building Games » Games » Strategy Games

The highly anticipated sequel to the Amazing Star Baron is finally here, fresh with new twists and turns, a few new tools and improved gameplay, if you liked…
Mind Bender

Brain Games Puzzles » Games

Use the powers of your mind to levitate huge stone blocks and solve your way through this clever little Adventure Strategy Game, pretty simple to play but get…
Light Bot Puzzle Game

Brain Games Puzzles » Games » Map, Word, and Number Games

Excellent Puzzle Game where you get to practice the basics of effective time management, while learning the rudiments of computer programming with a robot that has a light…