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Easy to play, great colors, simple game play but delightfully mentally relaxing... Great little game!…
Spectrum Genisis

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This game is hard! ... 'just hard enough' to make it really entertaining... Simple concept, "Complete the puzzle, avoid the meanies" - but with great gameplay, graphics…
Brain Waves

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A bit like an IQ test, only multi-dimensional with amazing colors, great puzzles, tons of fun and pleasurable while still being challenging every time you play it!…
Pixel Grower

Brain Breaks » Games

In Pixel Grower you don't have to think, in fact, thinking ruins the whole game... Pixel Grower is about clearing your mind, finding the rhythm, and letting…

Brain Bending Games » Games

Did you ever wish you could turn back time and do something over? In Chronotron, going backwards in time to fix a mistake is mere child's play…
Spin the Black Circle 2

Brain Games Puzzles » Games

Excellent little puzzler that's pretty easy to play, and really forces you to expand your mind as you deal with inertia, gravity, and some pretty fast fingers on…