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Vhils and the Apex of Street Art?

Galleries » Graffiti » Picture of the Day

Reductionist Graffiti where no paint is used, instead a wall is selectively cleaned to reveal a magnificent work of art...…
There is Beauty Everywhere

Art » Galleries » Picture of the Day

We see what we choose to see... ...and reality conforms to what we project out into it...…
Banksy’s Playground Security Association

Art » Galleries » Graffiti

In a perfect world, the kids who can't place nice with everyone else are the only ones subject to...…
Rymdreglage 8 bit trip

Amazing » Music » Videos

There is no fancy CGI or big budget stuff in this video... Thomas Redigh and Daniel Larsson spent over 1500 hours manually building this animation, in…
The Pen Story

Clever » Videos

Micheal Kadelbach took 60,000 pictures before developing 9,600 prints and setting them to life in this artfully done stop motion escapade set to Johannes Stankowski's "Down Below"…
Put it to Use Stop Motion

Clever » Inspiring » Videos

Sometimes a hobby can turn into a profession, sometimes doing something you think will be fun can turn into a full-on world recognized talent... He we see a…