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Da Vinci and Sacred Geometry

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Patchman takes the work of Da Vinci and Garrett Lisi to tehir logical, yet absurd limits!…
The Super Urban Screen Show

Amazing » Clever » Videos

"What would it look like if a building were dreaming?" Urban Screen is a German based company who strive to anseer that question on their massive installations around…
Rymdreglage 8 bit trip

Amazing » Music » Videos

There is no fancy CGI or big budget stuff in this video... Thomas Redigh and Daniel Larsson spent over 1500 hours manually building this animation, in…
The Pen Story

Clever » Videos

Micheal Kadelbach took 60,000 pictures before developing 9,600 prints and setting them to life in this artfully done stop motion escapade set to Johannes Stankowski's "Down Below"…
Alice Trips Out in Wonderland

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Okay, to be honest I have no idea what is going on in this video, but I've been humming the tune for three days now and the…
Prospective Student

Clever » Uplifting » Videos

Sometimes in life persistence and diligence just aren't enough to get you across the finish line, sometimes it takes more. Sometimes you need to step back and…