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The latest in a long series of mind numbingly difficult "Escape the Room" games... If you like this genre, you're going to love this one! Great…
Spectrum Genisis

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This game is hard! ... 'just hard enough' to make it really entertaining... Simple concept, "Complete the puzzle, avoid the meanies" - but with great gameplay, graphics…

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Did you ever wish you could turn back time and do something over? In Chronotron, going backwards in time to fix a mistake is mere child's play…
Find the Treasure

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Odd, delightful, stimulating and challenging - Find the Treasure is an artistically done "Puzzle Adventure Game" where you make your way by solving 'odd' puzzles one after another...…
Star Baron 2

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The highly anticipated sequel to the Amazing Star Baron is finally here, fresh with new twists and turns, a few new tools and improved gameplay, if you liked…
The Little Wheel Game

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The whole of the Robot world is counting on you 'Little Wheel' to solve dozens of small puzzles as you restore the main power grid and reawaken all…