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Super Smart Dog

Most people think Monalle is just for humans, but when we got a bunch of requests for “Videos for Cats” and “Videos for Dogs” we had to step back and rethink things a bit… I mean, dogs, cats, birds, and fish all deserve a place on the web to get positive and uplifted too right? But that was only half the equation, the other part was trying to figure out how this dogs and cats had learned to type well enough to send emails to us…

Well, after some research we found out that it was the owners who were actually requesting the videos for dogs and cats… Videos ‘of’ dogs and cats we expected, but it never occurred to us ‘for’ dogs and cats… After all how would they use the mouse anyways? But the idea of people out there sharing these videos with their pets absolutely delights me, so we’re premiering two new categories, ‘for’ cats and dogs… But what exactly are they interested in? We’ll to find that out we conducted extensive focus groups with many breeds of dogs and cats and discovered, “Dogs want to learn to better please their human counterparts, and cats want to see other cats who trained their humans to better serve them (plus dogs looking foolish)”

So to start this off, I found this amazing super pooch strutting his stuff, and inspiration for those dogs with ‘highly developed needs and desires to please’… When it comes to pleasing his human counterpart, this pooch raises the bar to a whole new level!

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