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Stay Positive – The Easy Way

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Okay, pretty much most of us here pretty much agree:

“Our self fulfilling prophecies play a huge role in the lives we live, how we choose to see our situations is the most important creative power we have. Our attitude is the root from which everything else grows.”

It’s like the old saying goes:

“Whether you believe you can, or you can’t…

We all know that Positive Thinking plays a huge role in the lives we create, but how do we stay positive through all of life’s little challenges, difficulties, hard times?

Don’t worry, there’s a few easy things you can do to keep yourself feeling positive, or if need be get yourself back to positivity when you stray away from it… let’s take a look at three easy tips on how to:

“Stay Positive The Easy Way”

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  1. If you find yourself in a hole, STOP DIGGING! Whether it’s debt, relationships, work or school sometimes it feels like everything you’re doing is just making things worse… So… Stop Doing Anything!!! Trust in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King who once said, “I’m so busy right now, the only hope I have of getting everything done is to spend a whole day meditating and doing nothing!”
  2. Useful Mindlessness The mind’s natural resting place is peace and serenity (that’s what restful means!) When we let our minds rest, we naturally and effortlessly return to a state of grace, but it’s so HARD to let our minds rest! So instead we use “Useful Mindlessness” like watching a dumb but funny movie, or playing a simple but engaging game. Anything that takles enough energy to get you focused, but not so much as to tire you out…
  3. Visit Monalle Everyday! You knew that was going to be one of them right? We built Monalle to help you get and stay positive day after day, that’s what it’s here for! We scour the web for the best inspiring people, animals, music & games and then bring a fresh blend to you everyday so that you’ll always be sure to have a place where you can stay positive the easy way!

Just remember, when all else fails and it feels like everything is going the wrong way, step out of it for a bit…

When in doubt: Just stop, regroup yourself, get your positive mental attitude back before you try and take the next steps, do something mindless but engaging, fun but not draining, and before long you’ll find that you’re well on your found the easy way to Staying Positive!

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