Everything in life is connected. Everything we do sets off an infinite chain of reactions that cascade all the way to the heavens and beyond.

This game is great because it illustrates that idea so perfectly with the use of beams of light flowing through increasingly complex cascades of cause and effect. It really is just like real life, as everything we put out into the world bounces from person to person.

If you think for a moment on what it feels like when someone “makes your day” or “lights you up with a smile”. Have you ever had a person make a comment to you that just seemed to make you feel good all day? perhaps it made you feel so good that the smile it gave you was then reflected into the eyes of everyone around you, lighting them up, making their days as well.

That’s what it is on this path to personal development and the pursuit of success, whatever your expereince of life is, you are bound to be sharing it with all the people around you… the better you make your every living moment, the better you make the lives of everyone you encounter along the way… Remember this always, let this little game form an anchor in your mind’s eye for this truth, the better you feel inside yourself, the better you will make everyone around you feel as well!

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