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Star Baron – A Space Based Strategy Game

One of our favorite types of games around here at the playground are those that let people practice real world strategies in a gameplay environment. Hex Empire & Dice Wars are two of the all time most popular games at the Positive Thinking Playground.

This new addition from Tim McCormick is sure to join the leagues of our all time most popular games as it outstandingly fun, challenging, and offers strategic dimensions unequaled in any other single player online flash game we’ve seen so far!

Now, I’d explain it, but it actually takes a few minutes to learn to play this one so you’re going to have to walk through the tutorial, possible more than once to get the hang of it. But after you get your head around it, you’ll quickly discover that this is a very active two handed strategy game that will keep your brain and hands going at top speed the whole time you play.

As always, I like to remind you of the three core strategies found in all endeavors (from strategy games to multi-million dollar projects there is always just three strategies), they are: Expand, Contract, and Fortify.

Whatever your goal may be, it will always come down to your ability to correctly use these three strategies at the right time, as you play this game practice your use of these three things:

  • 1. Know when to EXPAND your position.
  • 2. Know when to CONTRACT your holdings and consolidate your positions.
  • 3. Know when to FORTIFY your position and strengthen your existing holdings.

This game is an outstanding example of this because it let’s you practice all three simaltaneously. Just remember, in this game, as in life – - – There is a limited amount of time and energy you have to work with and there are only ever three things you will spend that time and energy on. The better you become at using the right strategy at the right time, the quicker your results will compound and you’ll always be maximizing the results of all your efforts!

Have Fun!

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