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Tetris meets Jenga in this delightful game from Natek Games… Easy to play, just like jenga you remove a block from the body fo the tower and put it back up top and see how high you can build, no problem. The gravity doesn’t shift on ya, ther’s no vents or bats that are going to come and knock it all down or anything like that. Just pure good old fashioned puzzle play with a nice soundtrack and a bunch of pleasing colors.

I know you folks all expect a witty little tidbit and personal development gem with each of these posts and I by no means plan on disappointing you! I think the personal development / Laws of Success Illustrated here are pretty self explanatory, but I’ll spell them out anyways!

1. Everything you build or accomplish in life all comes down to a strong foundation.

2. We must be willing to let go of things we once thought were important if we are going to be able to reach new heights.

3. We must not let go of what’s actually important or everything we build will come tumbling down around us!

So, as you play, ask yourself: “What’s actually important to you? What is the foundation of your life? What is something you cannot and will not sacrifice to get where you are going?”

When you really understand what truly matter most to you, you’ll be well on your way to building your life into the dream come true you always knew you deserved… And I’ve got a hint for you, in this game and in life, it’s the experience that matters most, if you enjoy the experience of building a strong and beautiful tower, you’ll find that tower taller and stronger then if your only focus is on how tall and fast you can do it!

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