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Sprout – The Seed Growing Game

The options get more and more intense as you attempt to migrate around the world with nothing more than the ability to grow into one plant after another… This cute little game from Jeff Nusz of Custom Logic starts out pretty easy and predictable but actually gets pretty challenging and fun as you go along…

As you play, well I think the takeway is a little obvious on this one, but I’ll spell it out for you anyways… As you play, think about your life, the decisions you make, the choices you take and the consequences resulting from them… Every single decision we make in life leads us towards a new outcome, a new destiny, a new set of experiences. No matter how small or how large the choices may seem at the time, each and every step we make influences who we are, who we will be, what we will grow in to and so much more…

This game, makes a simple yet perfect analogy to the never ending process which is life… Every day, every moment we are faced with the simple question, “Who and what am I becoming?”

Have fun!

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