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Spectrum Genesis

This game is hard! But not so hard as to be unplayable, in fact, it’s sort of ‘just hard enough’ to make it really entertaining…

You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, so I’m not going to go into explaining how to play, instead I’m going to focus on a core aspect of Personal Success which is “the ability to make decisions and change directions quickly”. Napoleon Hill, in his epic study of the habits of successful people discovered that: “Successful people make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly, while unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change their mind quickly”.

Spectrum Genesis is a great place to practice this principle, as you will be asked to make decisions about your path through each puzzle, commit to them, and then make adjustments to your path very quickly, often needing to reverse your direction in order to keep moving forward… In this game, just like everything in life, it is almost always easiest, faster, and safest to find ways to ‘go around the obstacles’ rather than got through them!

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