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Sparta Kitty – The Most famous cat in the World?

Sparta is an Egyptian Mau… A very rare breed of cat that was kept by the royal families in Egypt and is often considered the parent of all the domestic cats breeds. Some say, the Eyptian Mau is the first cat that domesticated humans to a level where they were responsible enough to provide food on a regular basis…

Introducing Sparta, who has trained “Cory” aka. Mr. Safety to operate a camera, post videos to youtube, and even handle all the mundane typing activities too mundane for a kitty of his stature…

To give him credit, Cory does a very good job of fulfilling his human duties, and has helped Sparta become the single most well recognized cat in the world! Complete with his own Youtube channel, fan club, and over 30 million loyal viewers!

So if somehow you’ve failed to pay homage to royal Sparta “aka. the mean Kitty” here’s your chance!

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