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Solfeggio Frequency – 639 HZ – Integrating Structures

Some days I feel a tad overwhelmed by life, and just need a little something to tune me back in. This morning is one of those days, and I picked the Solfeggio – Integrating Structures tones to help soothe and restore me a bit.

So what are the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies? To explain that, we need a little understand of what harmonics are. Basically, some notes sound good to humans, and some don’t. Long ago, Pythagoras discovered that these notes which sounded good to us occurred at even intervals along a mathematical scale. For simplification purposes, you can think of a harp instead of guitar to understand this. Identical strings of different lengths will produce different notes. What Pythagorus discovered is that if you find a pleasing note, the next pleasing note will occur about 1/8 longer of a string.

That may be an over simplification, but I sort of have a headache right now, and am just trying to explain what the Solfeggio Frequencies are… So be gentle with me. Basically, Pythagoras found a 8 notes that had a delightfully pleasing quality to humans. These notes repeated in octaves. More on that later. The notes Pythagoras discovered were so pleasing that essentially all western instruments are tuned to play them. But that set of eight notes is just one of many sets of tones that humans find delightful.

Eastern cultures found a similar set, which are different, but only slightly different. The Solfeggio tones / frequencies are another set. It is said that this set was found based on the human voice rather then stringed instruments. One noteworthy historical example is the tuning of religious chanting. For the most part, Religious Chanting (think Gregorian or Tibetan) is delightful to hear, very soothing, and uplifting, but doesn’t sound right when accompanied by instruments. This is because the chanters are tuned to the Solfeggio Scale, and the instruments are tuned to the Pythagorean Scale.

Regardless, this video is very soothing and is making my headache feel better!