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Simon Says

Memory… Most everyone has played this game at some point, but did you ever consider the implications? So often it has been said, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…” I’m going to let you in a little secret, wanna know what everyone’s favorite word is? It’s their own name!

In a world where who you know is one of the most important things, the more people you know the better! Now, permit me to caveat that a bit, we aren’t learning to remember peoples names just for the sake of getting ahead, there’s much more to it then that. Can you imagine a world where everywhere you go people are happy to see you and greet you by name?

You walk into the market, and they smile and greet you by name, the restaurant, the grocery store, the students in the corridors, everywhere you go everyone seems to know and like you? Can you imagine what your pursuit of success would be like if everywhere you went everyone was eager to see you, happy, and willing to go that extra mile? Sounds pretty nice hungh?

Well it’s actually pretty easy to accomplish, and here’s the trick of it: “You need to learn all of their names first, and then greet them by name!” Once you start greeting people by name, they will feel a little social pressure to return the favor. You don’t need to be a big shot or a VIP (you are a VIP already, trust me), you just need to make the effort to start the loop off.

It’s like a mirror, they will make the effort to learn your name and greet you with a smile if you do it first. For them it’s easy, because they don’t do it with everyone, they only need to remember a few names, for you, it’s easy too, because you learned all the tricks and techniques here at Monalle! read more… Coming Soon…