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Saunavihta Adventure Strategy Game

I like odd games. I like things that can all at once be unique, beautiful, entertaining, stimulating and challenging… Saunavihta treads the fine line between “Unique” and “Too weird to enjoy” with a subtle grace I’ve not seen in many other games.

Here’s the basics: You’re Saunavihta (the sauna lover) and you love warmth and comfort, but hate being cold… Sadly, you’re currently so cold that your frozen stiff! So stiff that you can’t even move one little bit, so in order to get to the warmth, you are going to need to ‘fall’ (accurately fall) into it… Pretty simple… The warmth is indicated by the billowing smoke of the Sauna, since you’re frozen stiff, all you need to do is get next to the sauna smoke and you’ll get quickly warmed right up.

Not really much more to it than that… Nice graphics, cool audio, and the puzzles can get pretty challenging later in the game… Just watch out for those angry snowmen and reckless snowplow drivers…

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