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The Saturn V Moon Rocket

The first Saturn V, AS-501, Apollo 4From 1967 until 1973 NASA launched thirteen Saturn V rockets with no loss of payload. This was the rocket used by NASA’s Apollo and Skylab programs. This video highlights the Apollo 11 and Apollo 8 launches. On, July 16, 1969 the Apollo 11 (seen in this video) carried the first human beings to step on the moon all the way there and back again safely.

Each day Monalle strives to bring you something which will inspire and uplift you. In so many of the articles here we speak of creating your dream come true. It may take time, it may take tremendous effort, but anything you can dream of is possible with enough time and energy applied. Surely, you’re living dream come true isn’t as massive as sending human beings all the way to the moon. Or is it?

Humans have dreamt of walking on the moon since the beginning of language, perhaps even longer. But with persistence, and with a ton of people all dreaming together and working towards the same goal, it became a reality. I hope this video reminds you that anything truly is possible! All you need to do is dream, and go after that dream with dedication, persistence, and action!

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