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Sagrario’s Room Escape

There’s a new sheriff in town folks, and his name is Valentin Sagrario. Valentin sort of premiers a new level of game play here with Sagrario’s Room Escape. Outstanding graphical experience with puzzles tough enough to to make Dan Brown eat his pen and call it a day…

The fundamentals of this game are very straight forward: “Escape the Room!” The actual gameplay is easy, just click around the room. But actually escaping the room? It is impressively hard while still being very logical. There are a total of 17 separate puzzles you will need to solve in order to get out of the room, but don’t worry the game will automatically save your progress as you go, so don’t think you have to figure it out in one sitting (you won’t).

A few tips:

  • Combine objects to solve later puzzles.
  • Use the black light EVERYWHERE to find clues
  • Visit the Monalle facebook fan page to participate in a discussion and work together with other when you get stuck.

This is not an easy one, but the puzzles are extremely rewarding when you figure them out, and the game is possible (It took me a whole week to make it out …and if I could solve it, surely you can too!)