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Russell Simmons – The Power Inside

For the month of September I’ve decided to do a spotlight on Russell Simmons, a sort of celebration of his upcoming Argyle Fashion Line. I know this one is a bit of a commercial for Maharishi University, but it’s pretty short and pretty powerful. You may or may not know about Russell, so let me give you a brief rundown.

Russell is the founder of Def Jam recordings, one of the dominant labels in the hip hop scene, former host of Def Jam Comedy, founder of Phat Farm Fashions, and much much more. So much more in fact that he has bootstrapped a tiny seed of a few thousand dollars to a personal net worth of over $300 million… That’s personal worth mind you, his companies are worth that much many times over…

Okay, that’s pretty impressive in and of itself, but where the story gets even better is that Russell is hugely active in the yoga, meditation, spirituality / personal development, and vegetarian scene.

In the Pillars of Success program I’m constantly trying to help people find that harmony between personal spirituality and financial success. Always trying to help people to understand that ethics, morality, and being a good person can be the source of tremendous welath and happiness rather than any sort of hindrance to it.

Russell Simmons is the epitome of this idea and guess what he thinks is the beginning to it all? (watch the video to find out)

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